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The Quiet Pioneer!

A Reliv pioneer blazes a successful trail!

Presidential Silver Ambassador Sue Brusa,
of Atkinson, New Hampshire. 

Building One Step at a Time

Before she started her Reliv business, Sue had life-changing results with breathing problems. At the time, she was a single mom raising two daughters, ages 4 and 6. Even though she wasn’t looking for a business, she attended a Reliv conference in 1992 and there she saw an opportunity for helping people which would enable her to stay home with her girls.

“After that conference, I thought if I shared the products, I could earn a few hundred dollars a month, stay home with my girls and leave the corporate world behind,” she recalls.

So she launched a business around her family. “My family was the most important thing to me, so I took baby steps to build my business one day at a time. Since I was a single parent, it was very challenging to balance kids, home, friends and my business, but I saw my future with Reliv and started to really focus on my business.”

Through the ups and downs of her Reliv business, Sue concentrated on her goals. “Returning to the corporate world was not an option for me. I love to travel and wanted my financial freedom. Having a strong foundation is a direct result of building this business one person at a time. Everyone can succeed in Reliv if they don’t quit.”

Paddling Steadily to Success

Sue takes her business everywhere she goes. Every summer, she spends several weeks with her girls on a private island in Maine. “I remember sitting in a canoe, with a paddle across my lap, doing a three-way call with someone in Singapore,” she says. “It proves you can do your Reliv business anywhere.”

Her hard work and persistence has paid off with a healthy six-figure income and an incredible lifestyle, traveling on over 65 all-expense paid trips around the world!   “Reliv has allowed me to be a stay at home mom. They are now 27 and 30 and my hard work with Reliv over the years has instilled a good work ethic in them. They’re ambitious, strong and focused.”

Now Sue gets to share Reliv with someone extra special — her husband Bob, who has joined her in the business. Bob is retired from being a tennis pro and also worked as a mortgage broker. Being a professional athlete leaves you with aches and discomforts, but I don't have to worry about that now. After he returned from being in Special Forces in Vietnam he developed many health issues such as a blood disorder, nail fungus, high blood pressure, acid reflux, seasonal allergies and high cholesterol. His PTSD gave him tremendous sleep issues and he wanted to feel better. Since being on Reliv, he is now living healthier, and feels better today in his sixties than he did in his thirties!

 “Reliv has given me personal growth, confidence, friendships and a great lifestyle. It’s so rewarding to help people,” she says. “I couldn’t imagine my life without Reliv and I’m so proud to have been ‘pioneer’ with this great company!  We have an exciting future.”